Lodging Options Overseas - tips for hotelsWe’ve all experienced hotel stays before. There are a few things to keep in mind when booking overseas that may be different.

  • Some hotels (mostly in popular areas) charge per person. You don’t get the cost benefit of squeezing 17 people in a room to save money.
  • Some hotels are max two people per room. They don’t tell you this when you book on Priceline!! (Three of us once booked a Paris hotel on Priceline and later found out there was a two-person maximum.  We won’t tell you how we snuck the third person in….)
  • Check the hotel rules before you purchase. Even known hotel chains can be very different overseas.
  • If you want to use hotel voucher points, make sure these can be used overseas.
  • Make sure the area you choose is safe and easily accessible (We don’t care if the hotel is fancy or not, as long as the neighborhood is safe).


Saving Tips
  • Ask hotel if any special rates are available. Some hotels will give a price-break during off-season or slow days.
  • Look at package options – purchasing hotel with your airfare or rental car.

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