Lodging options for group travel overseasMost lodging options become very affordable when traveling as a group. You can split the price of rooms or apartments, or you can rent space by the bunk in hostels. To decide where to stay, you can ask:

  • How many other travelers do we want to meet? (Hostels provide ample opportunities to meet other travelers).
  • How much privacy do we want? (Hostels have less privacy).
  • How may days are we staying at each location? (Many home and apartment rentals require 2 or 3 day minimum stays).
  • Do we want to stay near city centers or in rural areas? (Many rural areas may not have available hostels).

In many cases, we’ve found it’s been just as cheap to rent out an entire house or apartment as it was to stay in a hostel with a group.  On our most recent trip with five girls, we rented one apartment, one house, and stayed in one hostel. It was about the same price for each per person for each option.

B&BCottage RentalHostelCouch SurfingHotel
Homey and clean atmosphere
Negotiable prices
Full-course breakfast
Interaction with the B&B owner
Interaction with other travelers staying at the B&B
Since it is someone’s home you’re less likely to have sketchy travelers staying with you
Many have TV’s, DVD’s and Wifi available in the rooms
Interaction with the B&B owner (if you would rather keep to yourself)
The breakfast menu may not be of your choosing
Have to be quieter in the evening hours as it is a home not a hotel
May not be located in city-central

See Bed and Breakfast Details

Away from the busy cities and crowds
Great for a quiet retreat
An affordable option for basing in one place for a longer period of time and driving to surrounding cities
Usually located in more rural areas
Probably need a car to get anywhere (or plan to do a lot of walking)
Not necessarily as safe of an option if you’re traveling alone
May not have interaction with other travelers or hosts so might be lonely if traveling solo
No meals provided (although cottage owners will sometimes bring snacks, etc.)

See Cottage/Apt Rental Details

You meet cool travelers from all over the world…even some to wander around with
If you don’t know what to do next they can always recommend a fun activity, tour or cool restaurant
They are usually in or near city-central…which means you don’t have to have a car
Kitchens- to cook and save money
Not much privacy in the big rooms
Don’t get to choose your room mates
Don’t get to stay with the locals
Have to bring your own towels, soap, shampoo, etc.
May not be quite as clean as a hotel or B&B due to the heavy traffic and other boarders

See Hostel Details

Cheapest option by far!
Easy to find a place for one person
Get to make friends with a true local
Get the best scoop on places to visit around town
A fridge and place to wash your clothes (usually)
Great idea if you’re running low on money towards the end of your trip…or want to extend it a few days.
May spend a lot of energy/time getting to know your host
May be dependent on their time schedule
It’s a house not a hotel/hostel…so need to treat it as one…no craziness, good manners, aware of their schedule (ex: not keeping them up all night skyping your boyfriend if they have to be at work at 7am)

See Couch Surfing Details

Familiar hotel chains
Priceline bidding options (for some hotels/areas)
Concierge/ front desk advice
Expensive for nicer downtown areas
Can be pricey, especially for solo travelers
Don’t experience the local way of living
It’s a hotel – we’ve all seen them. What’s adventurous about that?

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