Best East Nashville Restaurants and Coffee Shops (Where locals go)

Top East Nashville Restaurants and Coffee ShopsNashville – Music City and infamous hipster hangout – it’s full of eclectic neighborhoods and fun eateries. Drive around town and you’ll find everything from high-end steakhouses to hole-in-the-wall ethnic cuisine. Almost every tourist makes a stop at the Pancake Pantry, the Grand Ol’ Opry, or takes a drive down Broadway. It’s like a rite of passage.

But if you want to taste the places the locals go or want a little adventure, keep on driving past Broadway. We’ve got you covered. Travel over to East Nashville and hang out among the locals. This is the side of town where art meets grit meets local handspun hipster. You’re never sure who you’re going to find at a coffee shop in this area. Go there mid-morning and find circles of artistic, meaningfully-tattooed businessmen and musicians plotting creative strategy. You can just feel the air hum with creativity and the grinding of espresso beans.

Here are a few lesser-known places to eat in East Nashville that are budget-friendly and choc-full of personality.

The Best East Nashville Restaurants and Coffee Shops (You’ve Never Heard of)

  1.  Pharmacy burger– The Pharmacy, Burger Parlor and Beer Garden – Voted Nashville’s #1 Burger. Has an impressive selection of burgers, German wurst and beer. We’ve had unique burgers here that we haven’t had anywhere else. Try the Stroganoff burger or Falafel burger if you’re vegetarian. They even have an old-school soda fountain. Plus you can eat outside in the Beer Garden under strings of twinkling lights
    Pharmacy Burger East Nashville outdoor eating

    Pharmacy Burger outdoor eating area

  2. Barista Parlor– top of the line coffee tucked away and housed in an old mechanic garage. The joke goes that the place is so cool that you have to take a hipster along to find it. These people know their coffee. You might think that $5 for a coffee is a bit steep (no pun intended), but think again. Barista parlor is to coffee what a fine wine bar is to alcohol. It’s worth it just to watch the coffee brewing process there.
    Barista Parlor coffee a platter

    How Barista Parlor coffee is served

  3. Marche– a European-style café and marketplace serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in East Nash. You’ll also find pastries made fresh and a full coffee & espresso bar. It’s a popular place for brunch on the weekends, and prepare to spend at least $10 there. The crepes were amazing.
    Eating at Marche in East Nashville

    Eating at Marche in East Nashville

    Treating mom and dad to brunch at Marche

    Taking mom and dad to brunch at Marche

  4.  Mas Tacos– You won’t be battling tourists at Mas Tacos, but you can guarantee all of the locals will be there. It’s a hole in the wall authentic Mexican restaurant. Tamales and tacos you won’t find anywhere else. Sweet potato quinoa and fried avocados were our favorites. And very affordable. Don’t go expecting fancy dining, Mas Tacos is something completely different, and better.
    Ordering at Mas Tacos in East Nashville

    Ordering at Mas Tacos in East Nashville

    Mas Tacos east Nashville taco

    I know I wasn’t supposed to eat until I took the picture, but… (Mas Tacos taco, corn, and more)

  5. Pied Piper Creamery– Pied Piper Creamery is housed in a historic house just off of five points in East Nashville. They make the ice cream locally, and it is amazing. And affordable. We can’t stop eating it. According to their website, Pied Piper has produced more than 250 flavors, sold more than 45,000 gallons of ice cream, and had visitors from more than 22 countries.
    Amazing ice cream and friendly staff at Pied Piper Creamery

    Amazing ice cream and friendly staff at Pied Piper Creamery

  6. Ugly Mugs– This place has a modern feel but friendly vibe. They serve specialty coffee and feel that all coffee mugs should be loved. (Even the old ugly ones that end up in yard sales.) You won’t believe the crazy assortment of mugs you’ll find here. And as customers, you tend to feel the same love and welcome as well.
    'Ugly Mugs' being given some new love at the coffee shop

    ‘Ugly Mugs’ being given some new love at the coffee shop

Nashville is full of local, quirky eateries. Chances are, by the time this is published, a new hipster coffee shop will have sprung up….if you can find it 😉

What is your favorite undiscovered Nashville eatery?

Kinda is an author, speaker, and hopeless wanderer. Her favorite places in the world include Manarola, Italy, and Gimmelwald, Switzerland. In her free time, you can find her bargain shopping and hanging out at coffee shops.

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6 comments on “Best East Nashville Restaurants and Coffee Shops (Where locals go)
  1. Reba says:

    oh yes, you could make a girl hungry for more that food you know. Hungry to take a little trip and have some sweet sweet talk and shop. Thanks for featuring us making memories with you.

    • Kinda Wilson says:

      Hey glad you enjoyed my East Nash eatery. Thought you would like Marche. Nashville is a hard town to stay on a diet or budget in with so much good food :)

    • Kinda Wilson says:

      Hi Anna! I see that your site is featuring Italy locations, and the page you commented on was about Nashville. Were you wanting to use the pics from Nashville or Italy?

  2. Meredith says:

    How could you leave the OG
    off the list? Bingo Java is the east Nashville bomb!!

    • Kinda Wilson says:

      It’s true – I love Bongo Java! In fact, I’m there so much, we’ve probably run into each other. I guess I just had to narrow it down to what I thought might be unexpected.

      And I can’t believe I’m asking this, but what does OG stand for? I’m sure I’m gonna facepalm when I find out.

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